Our Business is Our Community

Community Banking for Small Business

We support homegrown Idaho businesses. In fact, community banks are often small businesses that operate locally, so we understand the unique challenges and opportunities small businesses face. If you’re an Idaho business or farm owner, we offer the perspective and resources to help you reach the next level. Even when it’s from the ground up.

Community Banks Give Rise to...

of all small business loans in the US.

of all agricultural loans.

customer satisfaction scores.

in staff courtesy and helpfulness.

in speed of financial transactions.

Give Your Money Staying Power

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When you bank with us, we bank on your community. We play an active role in building up the places we serve. Our independent decision making and locally focused support helps us fund job-creating businesses and community-building organizations as we forge homegrown economies and heart-warming success stories.

Investing in Idaho—and You

For community banks, strengthening relationships means so much more than boosting profits. We look beyond the spreadsheets and statistics to view the whole person and the whole picture – we’re personally invested in you. That’s why we provide better service and incentives. We put our resources to work to directly benefit our customers and our communities.

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Why Community Banks – and not Credit Unions

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You may not realize it, but not all financial services organizations pay federal income taxes. Credit unions received a special exemption when they were created by Congress in 1934 to help people during hard times. They still get an exemption today, even though the mission of large credit unions has changed to aggressive growth as they no longer serve those of modest means. Learn more about the issue at Reform Credit Unions.

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