Our Business is Our Community

How Banking Local Adds Up

Community banks invest in Idaho – and you. We provide real financial support for the individuals and initiatives that call this place home because it’s our home, too. When you bank with us, your money has staying power because building community is our bottom line.

We Make Banking Better.

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With standout rankings for customer happiness, community banks provide next-level service. We often offer better incentives, rates, and financial considerations than the competition. Our hands-on approach to finances is grounded in a thoughtful understanding of the needs and hopes of our customers.

We Grow Roots and Branches.

Over 20% of counties in the United States rely solely on a community bank. We establish branches in underserved areas because we care about the potential and future of the people who live there. Independent and locally run, we help small businesses, farms, and individuals in Idaho gain financial ground. Our roots here run deep, so the communities we support can thrive.


We’re Invested Here.

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Community banks make decisions locally for the good of those who live here. We utilize deposits and gains to productive investments in Idaho, including small businesses and ag loans that others might deem unprofitable.

We’re Independent and Trusted.

Community banks deliver financial security backed by a down-home trust that others just can’t match. We make independent decisions based on what’s good for our community and Idaho. You can bank on us to have integrity. To do what’s right. To go the distance.

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