Our business is our community

First Federal Savings Bank

First Federal Bank Park

First Federal Savings Bank is a community bank headquartered in Twin Falls, Idaho. Established in 1915, one hundred years later the Bank wanted to celebrate its Centennial by thanking the residents of the Magic Valley for their loyalty and support over the past 100 years. To do so, the Bank created and gifted ‘First Federal Bank Park’ to the residents of their community in 2015.

First Federal Bank Park is a universally accessible playground that spans over 13,000 square feet, including a splash pad spanning 3,000 square feet. First Federal Bank Park is the first universally accessible playground and splash pad in the Magic Valley and provides children of all abilities the opportunity to experience outdoor play.

The playground addresses the need for ramp access on to playground features, play panels at ground level, modified swings and surfacing that provides ease of access for all mobility assistance devices. Because disabilities go beyond physical limitations, this also meets the needs for children with mobility, sensory, and cognitive impairments.

Play is universal, and this park will allow kids of all abilities to play alongside each other and experience that joy. The need for a universally accessible park doesn’t extend just to children; parents and grandparents that may have mobility challenges will now also have the opportunity to experience the joy of taking the kids that they love to the park to play and laugh.